Nelinda and June’s Engagement


Out one night on the town in downtown Orlando, Rob was struck by her beauty and couldn’t resist by giving her a small tap on the shoulder to ask for her name and number.  Surprisingly, Nelinda gave him a hard time bombarding him with 21 questions asking, “Why should I give you my number?, “Give me a good reason”; she was overcome by his charm and finally gave in.  And, well, the rest was history…

After several years of dating, on August 31, Rob decided he wanted to have a close friends and family get together organizing it so that Nelinda’s brother Landri would be in town.  She was under the impression that this gathering was to celebrate her parents’ anniversary and was so overcome with excitement to see her brother that she was easily taken by surprise by Rob’s true intentions.  That day there was a bbq thrown at her parents’ house with several friends and family members.  She recalls being distracted by Rob’s wet shirt due to the rain outside as guest were slowly making their way into the family room as Rob begins to speak.  “As you know we’re hear to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Acosta’s anniversary…” Before she could turn her attention to her parents, he was down on one knee to ask her the question that would change everything forever.  Completely taken off guard, she immediately said yes…and their story began.  Together.



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